Business and Data Intelligence

When you work in healthcare, you know knowledge is power!

Chirpy Bird offers existing and custom business intelligence and analytic tools to help healthcare companies and their teams succeed.

Gain more visibility into your financial operations, by identifying both highly profitable and underutilized services, monitoring of cash flow, and general compliance reporting.
Our tools are built by expert data scientists and run on the latest technology platforms. We aggregate and transform information into meaningful and actionable formats. Our data solutions and platforms put all the insights at your fingertips.


Whether you need sales intelligence to find the right target customers or need help transforming your proprietary information, we offer a suite of data analysis tools and/or the opportunity to build a custom solution for you.


Let Chirpy Bird transform your information into a format that you can use to create an impactful narrative or turn into tangible results!

Call us today for a demo or what we can offer immediately or for a consultation about your unique data needs.