About Us

Our Leadership Team

Joy Rios
Health IT Consultant
Robin Roberts
Health IT Consultant

MBA, QPP & MIPS Subject Matter Expert, Author of three books related to the Quality Payment Program,  Trainer, “HIT Like a Girl” Podcast Co-Host
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Health Informatics and Quality Payment Program Subject Matter Expert, Product Development,“HIT Like a Girl” Podcast Co-Host
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Our Consultants

Jennifer Wallace
Regulatory Specialist
888-647-7247 Ext. 700
Shannon Scott
Regulatory Informatics Specialist, Health IT Consultant
888-647-7247 Ext. 702
Alex Gonsor
Regulatory Informatics Specialist
888-647-7247 Ext. 703

MIPS Consulting

Led by both Joy and Robin, our team of consultants are experts on the Quality Payment Program and the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). We work with your administrative and clinical staff to help you meet the value-based compliance objectives. Our consultants can help you understand your baseline performance and construct a strategy to earn the maximum available Medicare reimbursement.

Health IT Consulting

We consult with clinicians and healthcare organizations on how to navigate and leverage their position in the context of value-based care amongst rapidly changing healthcare laws.  If you have a health IT project where our expertise could be put to work, please contact us for a quote.

all stars

In case you didn’t know, Joy and Robin are pretty much the Steph Curry and Lebron James of MIPS.

Frank Basille
CEO, Aegis Labs
all stars

This whole process could have become stressful, but Shannon’s willingness to work with me and make this simple was a blessing. I really enjoy working with you and look forward to continuing the great working relationship in the future.

Michelle S.
Administrator, Bel Air Ambulatory Surgical Center
all stars

Thank you so much for your help. You are amazing, as promised!

Enka M
Administrator, Medical Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta
all stars

I’m so happy you are part of my MIPS team!! You just don’t know what a load it takes off me knowing I have you.

Mitzi Hughes
Dalton Dermatology & Day Spa
all stars

Shannon continues to go above and beyond for us. We love working with her.

Vivian Paz
Practice Administrator, Fresno Dermatology
all stars

Roslynn is a tremendous resource for her clients. Always willing to dig deeper than just providing an answer, Rosylnn’s research and tireless efforts ensure she understands the details so that she can convey complicated material in an approachable and manageable way to clients.

Dan Kelly
VP Strategy & Product Development, Inform Diagnostics
all stars

Thank you so much Shannon for coming to meet with us. I know I speak for all of us when I say we feel so much better going into 2019 with you by our side!

Jennifer Vasquez
Practice Administrator, Peachtree Dermatology Associates
all stars

Thank you for your hard work and professionalism. You and your company have been wonderful.

Corinne Harris
Practice Manager, Gastroenterology Medical Clinic
all stars

Joy Rios is one of the smartest women I have ever met. If you need guidance or assistance in the healthcare and HealthIT vertical, Joy is a knowledgeable and actively engaged resource. She is always learning. She is always teaching. She is like a sponge of information who regularly squeezes her knowledge out for the rest of us to absorb. As a consultant, she is professional and thorough. I highly recommend her services, her books, her workshops and courses, her podcasts and her overall engagement for any project.

Wendy Whitmore
President, 4Medapproved